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Is Medical Marijuana Right for Me?

Is Medical Marijuana Right for Me?

Is Marijuana Legal In South Carolina?

Recent measures by South Carolina lawmakers have paved the way for medical marijuana to soon become readily available throughout the state! Senate Bill 30 would regulate the use of medical marijuana as a legal option of treatment when suggested by doctors. Under it, patients can purchase up to two ounces of marijuana or its equivalent derivative. We estimate that products will be sold at more than 100 dispensaries statewide, as the bill mandates at least one dispensary per county.

Should I Get a South Carolina Medical Marijuana Card?

Studies have shown the benefits of marijuana for numerous medical

conditions, one being chronic pain, and few doctors would argue against

marijuana’s medicinal benefits. Under this bill, patients approved by a

doctor can use medical marijuana to experience relief and normalcy in

everyday functions.

often more effective. If approved for a qualifying condition, a

South Carolina Marijuana Card doctor will help you safely navigate your

best treatment options with medical marijuana.

Naturally, there’s already significant interest in medical marijuana in South Carolina. As such, it is highly recommended that you reserve your appointment quickly as South Carolina's medical marijuana program gets closer to approval. Interest in South Carolina marijuana has climbed to extraordinary new heights, and once approved, patients could be looking at some delays in scheduling an appointment with a certified South Carolina medical marijuana doctor.

Also, the more people who sign up for medical marijuana evaluations, the more likely the state will eventually re-examine its laws. They might consider softening some of the harsher restrictions, like the prohibition of smoking marijuana (cannabis flower and oils will still be available for vaping or ingestion, in addition to edibles, tinctures, and creams).

Will My Current Doctor Know I Have a South Carolina Medical Marijuana Card?

South Carolina will require doctors to have documented evidence of your qualifying medical condition before issuing recommendations, which means that your medical records will be necessary in order to receive a medical marijuana card. However, the medical marijuana recommendation does not come from your current primary care physician. Rather, one of our state-certified medical marijuana doctors will examine you in their office and cross-reference your medical conditions before recommending medical marijuana.

All you will need are your records. If you are having trouble obtaining your medical records, South Carolina Marijuana Card can contact your doctors and have that information faxed or sent over to our offices. As long as you have documented evidence of your medical condition, your primary care physician will have little to do with your medical marijuana recommendation.

Will my name be a list of marijuana users?

The State of South Carolina Board of Pharmacy will require that your recommendation for medical marijuana be kept on file. This allows the state to keep track of medical marijuana users throughout every county. That said, this information is kept private, and is on file in the event a patient must prove that he or she is a registered medical marijuana user. Having a medical marijuana card, however, does not protect patients from employers, who may still require drug testing for employment.

How Can I Get My South Carolina Medical Marijuana Card?

We at South Carolina Marijuana Card deeply believe that every patient who qualifies for medical marijuana should be allowed to receive their recommendation quickly and with as little hassle as possible. That’s why we’ve created a proven system for getting patients the medical marijuana recommendation they deserve.

Call us toll-free at (833)-781-6670 and reserve an appointment with one of our licensed medical marijuana doctors, available in every major city throughout South Carolina. Our compassionate staff is here to walk you through the process of obtaining your medical marijuana card, from gathering your medical records to what to do after your doctor's appointment. So sign up today to join South Carolina's medical marijuana movement!

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