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How Medical Marijuana Can Help With PTSD

Marijuana for PTSD

Medical Marijuana for PTSD

Many people experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) struggle with severe symptoms like anxiety or depression. Living with PTSD is life-altering, and it is vital that patients receive the help they need. Marijuana can be used to reduce these symptoms and help relieve the pain that you endure with your qualifying condition.

Once medical marijuana is legalized in South Carolina, we will be here to help you obtain a marijuana card and access dispensaries! The help you’ve been waiting for is coming soon.

Can Medical Marijuana Help With PTSD?

Marijuana has provided comfort for many patients suffering from PTSD. For instance, many Veterans use medical marijuana to ease anxiety or other distressing feelings caused by their experiences in war. By easing the tension and symptoms correlated to PTSD, marijuana reduces the pain people go through daily.

The medical marijuana that patients use to relieve PTSD typically consists of high levels of CBD, the non psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. Further, a study on the effectiveness of medical marijuana in reducing PTSD symptoms shows that patients with PTSD experienced a 75-percent decrease in their symptoms upon using medical cannabis. Patients who struggle through these painful symptoms day after day deserve the help and relief that medical marijuana can provide.

Additional research has been conducted proving that medical marijuana can reduce symptoms of PTSD. Research published by Science Daily concluded that participants who took medical marijuana reported a decrease in re-experiencing the trauma they faced and less avoidance of situations that reminded them of their traumatic experience(s).

To ensure you get the best guidance in what products to use, make sure to meet with a verified medical marijuana doctor and ask for their recommendations. As soon as the medical marijuana bill is approved, South Carolina Marijuana Card will be here to help!


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